Wholesome Direct 2023

One of my favorite gaming showcases I love watching yearly is the Wholesome Direct. They display so many cozy games from various indie companies.

One of my favorite gaming showcases I love watching yearly is the Wholesome Direct. They display so many cozy games from various indie companies.

“We curate uplifting, compassionate, cozy games every day and produce the annual wholesome direct indie game showcase.”

Official Wholesome Direct SEO

Today was the official Wholesome Direct 2023 livestream that displayed numerous games via YouTube and Twitch.

You can also find a very curated Steam page filled with cozy and fun games recommended by Wholesome Games.

After watching the direct, I’d love to share my top 5 favorite games I’m excited to play once they are released!

These are in no apparent order of how much I want to play one over the other – There will only be 10 games listed.

Sticky Business

(view official gaming trailer)

As someone who also runs an online sticker shop, this game totally spoke to me!

“Experience the joy of running your own cozy small business: Create stickers, pack orders and hear your customers’ stories. Time to build the cutest shop on the internet!”

Official Sticky Business Steam Page by SpellgardenDevs

The graphics and all the colors in this game are fantastic. It definitely makes me want to start up the demo and snag the game upon release. I need to start making a cozy sticker shop in this game!

Planned Release Date: 2023

Usagi Shima

(view official gaming trailer)

I was instantly drawn to this game because of the cute illustrated game art. The color palette is so cozy and warm! Not to mention, all the cute bunnies you are able to take care of in this game.

“You’ve been tasked as caretaker of an abandoned island — as you decorate it over time, curious (but adorable!) bunny visitors start to appear!”

Usagi Shima presskit by solo Indie dev pank0

This game will be an awesome pass time when I’m out & about at a cafe or taking some downtime at work.

Usagi Shima is expected to release on September 1st on Google Play and the App Store!

Magic Delicacy

(view official gaming trailer)

The moment this trailer played, I instantly thought of Kiki’s Delivery Service – one of my all-time favorite Studio Ghibli films. It’s a perfect mix of cozy imagery, food, and my favorite… witchery!

“Cook magical delicacies from a vast collection of ingredients in your own shop. Explore an unfamiliar town and deliver tasty treats to the townsfolk. Learn new ways to traverse, discover secrets, and experience a unique witchy world.”

Official Magic Delicacy Steam Page by skaule

Planned Release Date: 2024


(view official gaming trailer)

I was vastly drawn to this game because of all the vibrant colors and delicious/fun food! The official trailer kept me wanting to see what the game would be about with its rhythmic background song that timed the next transition nicely.

“Venba is a narrative cooking game, where you play as an Indian immigrant mom, who immigrates to Canada with her family in the 1980s. Players will cook various dishes and restore lost recipes, hold branching conversations and explore in this story about family, love, loss and more.”

Official Venba presskit by Visai Studios

I can’t wait to get lost in this game cooking up delicious recipes and following a cozy storyline.

Game will be released July 2023 for Steam, Nintendo Switch, Playstation & Xbox

Minekos Night Market

(view official gaming trailer)

I’ve been following this game for a while – Yet again, the lovely illustrated look of this game is what caught my attention. Not to mention, all the characters in the game look fantastic and adorable. The graphics are very cozy and I can’t wait to dive into this game when it releases!

“Mineko’s Night Market is a narrative-driven, social simulation adventure game that celebrates Japanese culture and invites players to craft whimsical items, eat delicious snacks, and ultimately enjoy all the cats.”

Official Mineko’s Night Market Steam page by Meowza Games & Humble Bundle

September 26th, 2023
– Nintendo Switch™ & Steam

October 26th, 2023 – Xbox One & PS5/PS4

This blog post could honestly go on forever with all the amazing games I saw but you can see all the games that were in the direct on this website! What were your favorite games you saw during the direct? I’d love to know what games you will be playing this year!