Xbox Showcase 2023

We just finished watching the Xbox & Bethesda Showcase & Starfield Direct! I was excited to see some new IPs pop up. The showcase was followed by the Starfield Direct which was absolutely mind-blowing.

You can see a full list of all the games announced during the showcase at this link.

There’s been so many games announced but I’d love to share a few games that caught my attention! These are in no particular order.

33 Immortals

This trailer was so fun! 33 Immortals looks like it will be a fun community game to play on stream. 33 people are able to play together for some fun chaos!

“33 Immortals is a co-op action-roguelike for 33 players. Play a damned soul, and rebel against God’s final judgment. Pick-up and raid, cooperate to survive hordes of monsters, defeat massive bosses, and face the wrath of God in the ultimate fight for your eternal life.”

Official 33 IMMORTALS page by Thunder Lotus Games

Coming 2024 on Epic Games Store, Xbox Series X|S, Windows PC, and with Xbox Game Pass for console and PC.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024

I will be honest – I’ve actually never played Flight Simulator before. They showed the newest game during the Xbox showcase and it blew my mind how awesome it looked. All the new content that is coming looks SO GOOD!

(view official gaming trailer)

“Pursue your dream of an aviation career with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024. This brand-new simulator is designed to take advantage of the latest technologies in simulation, cloud, machine learning, graphics and gaming to create the most sophisticated, immersive and awe-inspiring flight simulator of all time. “

Official Flight Simulator website

Available day one on Xbox Game Pass, PC Game Pass, Xbox Cloud Gaming, Windows 10/11, and Steam. Coming 2024.

Still Wakes The Deep

I was very excited about seeing this trailer. It instantly reminded me of an old game I use to play called Monstrum. I’m not sure if it’s almost the same concept but I’m definitely intrigued to see more of this game!

“Secret Mode and The Chinese Room debuted Still Wakes the Deep with a haunting trailer that takes horror to the ocean.”

Polygon source

It’s expected out in early 2024.


Avowed was such an interesting trailer! It felt fresh and new for what they were showing – a mix of magic, unique visuals, and a cool storyline. I’m looking forward to checking out this game upon release!

“Explore the Living Lands, a mysterious island filled with adventure and danger. As an envoy of Aedyr, you are sent to investigate rumors of a spreading plague with a secret that threatens to destroy everything.”

Official YouTube trailer information by Xbox

Avowed coming in 2024, Play Day One with Xbox Game Pass.

It was very hard to keep this list very short. I wanted to share so many games! I enjoyed all the trailers we saw on the Xbox & Bethesda showcases.


They ended the event with the Starfield direct. It was an in-depth look and what to expect and a lot of useful information on what you can expect in the game. Although the information felt a bit overwhelming since there was so much, I’m looking forward to seeing how that game pans out. They added SO MUCH content to the game! I’m sure there will be a bunch of content creators enjoying it.

The game is expected to release on September 6th, 2023.

Lastly, check out the new Xbox Series S Carbon Black edition. You can now expect 1TB of storage for all your gaming needs! The release will be on September 1st, 2023.

Reminder – You can find the full Xbox & Bethesda game trailers from the event here.

What games are you looking forward to playing from the showcase this year?