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Tuesday Finds – Geeky Back To School Gear!

It's about that time to hop onto the Hogwarts train and head back to school. I found some great finds on geeky & cute gear you can flaunt during your new school semester. Etsy crafter, Geeky U, has created some amazing bags for their shop! Everything is handmade and I love the detail they incorporated onto the bags! tuesdayfinds-geekyu1-01 You can rock out these kickass bags at school and know it's definitely one of a kind!
  1. Zelda-Inspired
  2. Super Paper Plumber
  3. Dark Zelda-Inspired
They also have a bunch of other geeky items and sell a variety of things like leggings, iPhone cases, sweatshirts and a lot more apparel!

Tattoos I’d Love To Have

Words can't express how many tattoos I would love to have. I have one on the side of my hip that I thought would be my only one - But I'm craving more! I just want to share the 'potential' tattoos I would definitely love to get sometime in the future. The reason I am holding off for now is because I am going to be searching for jobs after this December since I graduate. I live in Austin, TX and I know people here are very open minded for tattoos in the workplace; but I plan to branch out and I'm not too sure how many places would feel about that... I'm hoping in the end I'm doing freelancing as a business so I won't have to worry about tattoos being frowned upon at a company.

Onto sharing!... And I kid you not, I really want these! :3


Tuesday Finds – Lunar Discoveries – Leggings!


Lately, I've been getting back into old fandoms - Such as Card Captors/Card Captor Sakura, for example. I started searching through #CardCaptors and such on Tumblr, Instagram, and Twitter just to look at what people are posting about it... Then I stumbled across this amazing find on the FuckYeah! CardCaptors tumblr page! The first thing it showed as a caption was "$25"... I wish payday came sooner because I really want to get my hands on these - Or in this case, my legs in these!