Austin Toy Museum

I had an exhilarating experience while exploring the bustling downtown area during SXSW ’22, and was thrilled to stumble upon the Austin Toy Museum. While walking past The Paramount, I noticed a large crowd of people huddled around, eagerly waiting for a film screening event. Despite the tight security around the area, I tried to get as close as possible to witness the excitement. Unfortunately, I was unable to get a clear view of the event, and decided to move on. As I continued down the street, I was drawn to a strikingly bright sign that read “Austin Toy Museum”.

The sign was perched atop a building and had a staircase leading up to the top floor. Without hesitation, I made my way up the stairs and entered into a world of wonder and nostalgia as I explored the impressive collection of toys and games on display.

Check out my first time at the Austin Toy Museum!

If you’re in the Austin area, be sure to check out this nostalgic museum!

312 Congress Ave., Austin, TX 78701