Hi there, I’m Lori! I’m a full-time content creator, graphic designer & video editor! I’m a partnered Twitch broadcaster at twitch.tv/girlhero – My main content focus is IRL (traveling, conventions, car events, exploring Austin Texas, cozy cooking streams, outdoor biking streams) & playing community variety games.

More info; I’m currently residing in Austin, Texas! I’ve lived here for 12 years- I graduated from university with a BFA in Communications Designs. I’m engaged to MindSV <3 We have two derpy pets, Taki & Rwby.

My fiance and I run an online sticker shop! We love drift cars, anime and Japan culture so we created a sticker shop that has all our favorite things.

GirlHero.net is my little hub on the internet for me to share with you guys all my favorite fandoms, travel adventures, creative things (photography, editing, tutorials) & sharing awesome artists.

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