Guzu Gallery in Austin, Texas is an awesome spot to check out for all things collectible, amazing art & prints, decorative toys & so much more.

This month they are hosting a gallery event called “Anime Wonderland“. I was able to stop by today and check it out! Check out some of the photos I took.

Join Guzu Gallery and over 30 local artists as we host our first art show in over two years! With this exhibition, each artist finds their inspiration in Japanese animation — from classic to modern anime (and everything in-between).

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There were amazing prints from classics like Princess Mononoke to recent shows like Jujutsu Kaisen! I was in love with all the magical girl art & ended up snagging a lovely Card Captor Sakura print by Annie Lin.

This art show is free admission and running until the end of the year! It was great to see so many different styles and artists in this show! If you have the chance and are in the area, come check out this fantastic art show before it’s gone!

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