Recently, I’ve been feeling the urge to create more “cinematic”-feel videos. It was Sunday- no plans for streaming or having to do work things, so I decided to film some clips around my apartment.

I’m always learning something new every time I use my Fujifilm XT3 camera. I was watching some YouTube videos to help me adjust some settings to shoot some cinematic clips. I’d like to share some of the settings I changed so it can possibly help you guys out if you like the footage I took!

I know not everyone is using a Fujifilm XT3 to film their videos, but I’d like to share the common video settings most do have on their cameras that I used to film this short video.

Camera Settings I Used:

  • I shot all my clips on “Manuel” mode.
  • Movie Mode settings: 4K 16:9 – 23.98P – 400Mps
  • Encoded H.265 (HEVC)
  • Movie Compression: Long GOP
  • White Balance – K – 8300k – R: 0, B: 9
  • Sharpness: -2
  • Noise Reduction: -4

Music used in the video is from Epidemic Sound.

I’ll be sharing more short cinematic videos soon. Check them out first on my Instagram whenever I’m ready to post!

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