If you’re into anime, international food, coffee & love to window shop, then this can be a great day out if you’re ever in the Austin area.

Next to Austin Community College Highland is a strip of stores that has an Asian market, a Japanese bookstore & many Asian-inspired restaurants.

Here are my places to check out in this area!

Kura Revolving Sushi Bar

Start off with booking a table for a sushi lunch/or dinner! In my experience, lunchtime has always been the ideal time to go since the wait isn’t long. We’ve been on 1 hour+ long waitlists to eat at this place- so make sure to plan this at a good time!

This place has a wide array of sushi & other Japanese dishes + desserts that rotate on a conveyor belt. (The Japanese soy donuts w/ ice cream and the red bean paste taiyaki are some of my favorites to pick!)

Austin DAISO

If you’re in for some window shopping or just a place with great deals, I highly recommend checking out the DAISO in the shopping complex. It is fairly new and the line can take at least an hour to get inside (COVID regulations). We’ve scored amazing things from household items, cute stationery, and delicious Asian snacks. You can check out my DAISO vlog to see how it is inside!

Ranch 99

One of my favorite Asian grocery stores to visit is Ranch 99 in the highland area. I usually buy all my sauces, vegetables, meats and ESPECIALLY the baked goods in this store! After walking around checking out the stores, stop in the bakery section to take some baked goods back home. They also serve milk tea/boba tea in the same area and even have a hot deli for more food options.

85°C Bakery

Down the shopping complex is another bakery place with delicious desserts, baked goods, and even sweet beverages called 85°C Bakery Cafe. It’s best to check this place out early to snag some warm baked goods!


One of my favorite places in the Highland shopping complex is definitely Kinokuniya! It’s a Japanese book store with Japanese subculture, books, art supplies and so much more. We like to grab our manga there and usually do window shopping. It’s such a relaxing and cozy place to visit. I highly recommend checking out this store if you’re in the area!

There’s so many more awesome shops to check in this area- I just wanted to share my favorite ones we like to stop at whenever we are visiting the Highland shopping center.

Have you ever shopped in this area? What are your favorite shops to check out?

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