This past weekend we took a spontaneous trip back to Houston for TheWeebStop’s Christmas Event. We were debating for a few days if we wanted to check this event out so we ended up packing up the car early and took off to HTX for the day.

There was 10+ vendors, good food, a live DJ and a lot of cool cars to see.

Vendors list:

  • FigmaWORLD
  • Mega MouseArts
  • Send Calamity
  • Casas
  • OniGanCo
  • Noob Squad
  • DreamDrvn
  • Weeb Culture
  • Bibisama
  • Ahhgela
  • Shindeiru
  • Anime Matsuri

Besides TheWeebStop- Senpai Squad, Xpress Skins, Ecchi Gang, Waifuhunters + a few guests and models were also there!

I took a ton of video and photos from the event! Check them all out and the video will be towards the end.

We were only there for about 2 hours but I did hear that there was going to be a cosplay contest later on in the event.

I’ve said it before but I really do love the anime/itasha culture in Houston. I do wish we had more events hosted like this in Austin! It was definitely worth the drive out to HTX and checking everything out. Hopefully one day our shop can end up at one of these cool events!

Check out my video from the Christmas Event!

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