I recently found an artist through Twitter making an amazing Card Captor Sakura sticker set, as seen below.

After checking their shop out and all their cool merchandise, I knew I had to share their amazing products! I absolutely love their art style and they have awesome products ranging from stickers to pins to prints & more.

Art merch! Video game and anime themed art.

ToasterKiwi Etsy Shop

Kiwi, the owner of the shop, is a Canadian illustrator with a big passion for drawing.

Check out their links!

Since I enjoyed their shop so much, I’d love to host a giveaway to give a reader a sticker sheet of their choice from Toaster Kiwi’s Etsy shop!

This is 100% a giveaway prize by me and was not given directly from the shop owner themselves. I’ll always love to support artists as best as I can and I hope you enjoyed checking out Toaster Kiwi!

Check below to enter! Must be a US or CAN Resident – International shipping due to COVID-19 is taking months for some international customers to receive their products. Sadly, until further notice, our giveaways will be for US & CAN residents.

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