One of my favorite shops I’m excited to share with you guys is Kaiju Cut & Sew based out of Austin, Texas.

Since COVID began a few months ago, the owner has been making amazing designed-masks for everyone. What I love is that the mask proceeds will go straight to charities! People helping people.

I already have 4 Kaiju masks– The designs get me hooked so fast! My newest editions are the Card Captor Sakura and Totoro one.

Besides the masks, you can find these awesome items in his shop:

  • Kaiju t-shirts
  • Enamel Pins
  • Caps
  • Handcrafted items; Leather tote bags, card holder wallets, dice bags, fanny packs, pencil pounches, cleaning clothes & so much more!

I previously had purchased a fanny pack from his shop a few years back during the RTX event in artist alley.

The quality is so nice!

Please check out their links below for new shop items and updates!

Official shop:

Instagram: @kaijucutandsew

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