Our 2nd day in Japan we already knew where we wanted to go in Tokyo. We love all weeb things like anime and manga so we knew Akihabara was the place to check out for the day!

I remember waking up early around 5:30AM to start getting ready for our day. We stopped by the conbini in the morning and grabbed a chocolate crossiant and cold latte from the vending machines before we ventured to the train station. We were about 8-9 stops away from Akihabara but we didn’t mind all the sight-seeing.

Since it was so early we decided to get some food before we adventured out to see everything we could. We found a small little ramen shop that was open early so we had a nice miso-ramen with gyoza and a cold soda. It was great fuel to start off the day!

There were so many anime/manga stores on the main street and even walking in between the building-ways. It was incredible how much there was to look at! We also stopped at a themed cafe called the “Princess Cafe” that was representing an anime Donnie liked. In the same building there was also a small hedgehog cafe that had shiba-inu’s and owls as well.

We stayed in the Akihabara area for the whole day and streamed for about 12 hours.

There were some places I wasn’t allowed to go inside since I had my camera on- but that’s okay. I still enjoyed seeing the sights outside and once the stream was done for the day we actually went back inside the place I wasn’t able too before.

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