Our first day exploring around Shinjuku, we came across the Shinjuku Gyoen Park. It was a nice few hours at the park checking out all the amazing sights and showing the stream around.

We decided to browse around the area to see what the area offered. So much to see… There was a few book stores, vending machines and lots of anime/manga we stumbled upon.

There was so many arcades around us so we tried to check out a few and some vending machines. We took a few tries at the vending machines but didn’t win any prizes- it was nice to say we played some of the machines at least!

So many cute plushies in the vending machines!

I’m hoping whenever we go back to Japan we can stay around this area for a bit again. The train station was insanely busy but the area had so much convenience. We loved all the konbini’s, the easy access to the surrounding Tokyo areas, and just turning every corner to discover something new.

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