Our 2nd day in Japan was our first stream day exploring! We stumbled upon the Shinjuku Gyoen Park (even though that was on our list to see!) & also checked out some anime shops & arcades in the Shinjuku area (which can be seen in my past VOD on Twitch).

I remember the first thing we tried doing was Pokemon-GOing so we could catch one Pokemon in Japan. Sadly, Donnie’s account wasn’t letting him log in but I was able to catch a few so hopefully I can transfer him one!

The park was massive so it took us above 2 hours to explore most of it!

The weather was also perfect so we didn’t mind walking around at all. There was a lovely couple who asked us to take a photo for them and in return got a photo for us!

The park was beautiful- We’ve never been to a park this big before.

You can check out my full stream VOD or my YouTube highlight video to see our 2nd day adventure!

I’m hoping to return to this park again whenever we are in the Shinjuku area again.

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