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Check Out My YouTube!

Last month for my birthday, my boyfriend bought me an amazing new little camera for me to start working on new video content. I started a new series dedicated to Q&A for my gaming community to ask me any questions they would be and I'd answer it via video. Having this new camera will also be easier to record at conventions and travel in general. I'd love to share with you a few videos I've made so far & link the rest to my channel!

It’s Been One Month

It's been a little more than one month of me not posting anything here. I apologize for not creating more content here! I wanted to give myself some time off of to focus more on work & my Twitch channel. imback I'd love to share with you guys some changes that have happened recently... A lot has been going on!

Tuesday Finds – Pincraft Buttons

When I was at PAX South this weekend I noticed a lot of people going all out representing themselves, either their Twitch channel, YouTube, etc. For my Tuesday Finds, I'd like to share with you these cute buttons by Pincraft Buttons! tuesdayfinds-pcb00 During PAX, the earliest people who went to visit the Twitch booth got a sticker where they can write their Twitch ID on.

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I started searching for similar things on Etsy where you can represent one of your networks. I ended up finding Pincraft's fantastic buttons!

Getting Into The Gaming Industry

So I'd like to share my [small] knowledge of working and getting involved in the gaming industry. It's very competitive to get into the industry - No doubt about that! I'm still trying to get my foot in and get closer as I can. Get A Gaming Degree - A major way to be guaranteed of having gaming work would be to go to school and get a gaming degree. Educate yourself with how to make video games, the design behind it and all the good works. It also doesn't hurt to know gaming history and how it evolved. Some will succeed and some will figure out they might not want to pursue it in the end - But getting a gaming degree is a great start for a long and successful path in the gaming industry.
gaming-degree [image source]
Degree's offered:
  • Game Visualization Programming Specialization
  • Game Art Specialization
  • Game Design Specialization
[source: Game Development Institute]