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TwitchCon 2016 Recap

TwitchCon is officially over... and it honestly makes me sad. This convention seemed different than the others. It felt more personal and it's one definitely to put down in the books.

Where to begin? I'll recap throughout the days of my trip! Hands down, I can probably name this convention as one of my favorites.

TwitchCon – H1Z1 Invitational 2016

This past weekend was the 2016 H1Z1 Invitational at TwitchCon. One of the main reasons I wanted to goto TwitchCon was for the invitational. I was upset I wasn't able to make it to the invitational/first TwitchCon last year so I made it a point to be there this year! twitchcon-h1z1-01 This year the prize pool reached $267,244, exceeding last years prize of $173,000. The event took place at TwitchCon which was hosted in San Diego, California this year on October 2nd.