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RTX 2016 Weekend Recap

This year, RTX 2016 fell on July 1st-3rd in Austin, TX. The event brought in 60,000+ attendees and had many new additions to see at the convention! Especially mixing in SGC to the event this year!


I was able to talk to a lot of great companies but didn't focus on doing full on interviews this year. I really wanted to enjoy my experience at the same time of talking to some people in the industry.

Twitch 101 – TwitchAlerts

I don't stream as often as I would like to - But when I do, I like to keep my stream updated with the best features. One nifty website that I just recently found out is TwitchAlerts. I wish I found out about this sooner! twitch101-twitchalerts If you are a beginner on Twitch or just haven't heard of this website, I suggest you look into it :) It has some great features for your stream.