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Monday, March 6, 2017 | Posted in: Gaming, Lori's Nook

Halo Community Spotlight

This year, streaming wise, has started off nicely! If you watch my stream, you’d will see Halo is a big part of my stream & a game we like to play often.

I was asked if I’d like to be a part of the Halo Community Spotlight along with a few other amazing Halo streamers to represent the release of Halo Wars 2.

Monday, January 30, 2017 | Posted in: Local Events

PAX South 2017 Recap

This year, PAX South went a little differently – Instead of going all 3 days, we decided to just go for Saturday.

We had a friend and knew a few other people who flew from out of state for this event. It still amazes me how people come together, meeting for the first time & build friendships/relationships through Twitch!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017 | Posted in: Gaming

Epic Heroes – Stream Team

I’m striving for bigger things this year – I wanted to continue to have the streaming community grow and look for any positive opportunity. This month, I decided to start up a stream team. We may have a small community but it’s honestly filled with amazing streamers also looking to grow!

The Epic Heroes Stream Team was started by GirlHeroLori.

Thursday, October 6, 2016 | Posted in: Gaming, Geekery, Local Events

TwitchCon 2016 Recap

TwitchCon is officially over… and it honestly makes me sad. This convention seemed different than the others. It felt more personal and it’s one definitely to put down in the books.


Where to begin? I’ll recap throughout the days of my trip! Hands down, I can probably name this convention as one of my favorites.

Thursday, September 22, 2016 | Posted in: Gaming, Local Events

TwitchCon 2016

This will be my first year attending TwitchCon 2016 – As a broadcaster, I’m extremely excited about attending this convention & connecting with other streamers!


There are many broadcasters & viewers going to the event this year and I’m really anxious to meet as many as I can! Another perk is knowing the convention will be held in San Diego, California this year! Last time I was in San Diego was 2 years ago for San Diego Comic Con.

Thursday, May 19, 2016 | Posted in: Gaming, Local Events, Lori's Nook

PAX East 2016 & VLOG

This was my first year attending PAX East in Boston, Massachusetts. This trip was extremely spontaneous – I knew I would regret it if I didn’t go.


I remember being at work and booking my flight and hotel through my mobile app; Next thing I know, my trip to Boston was booked up!