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Tuesday Finds – FBWFT Fantastic Little Items

I recently saw Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find them - It was indeed... fantastic. I'd love to share with you some awesome finds for any Harry Potter/Fantastic Beasts fans. tuesdayfinds-fbwft-01 The movie was so magical so I wanted to make sure I found some good items to share with you guys. Maybe these items can help with some holiday shopping for one of your friends who really enjoyed the movie - Or maybe a small treat for yourself!

Tuesday Finds – Coffee Mugs

Recently, I've been drinking more coffee. I was never a coffee drinker until my lovely boyfriend introduced me to a flavor that I actually found extremely tasteful/drinkable. tuesdayfinds-coffeemugs01 I guess I needed to explore more coffee options to find the right one for me - I did once I met him.

Tuesday Finds – GeekifyInc


Giveaway time!

I'd first like to introduce our Tuesday Finds spotlight on GeekifyInc. John, the really nice owner of GeekifyInc reached out to me and we decided to join forces and create this giveaway! He was terrific enough to offer his Neverending Story cover! Depending on what device you have, whether it's an iPad mini to an eReader and such, you get to pick which one you'd like to win!

Tuesday Finds – Rarity’s Boutique

Rarity is a small business owner who cosplays and also sews her heart out day and night!


I've been following up with their updates on Facebook and I feel they are definitely worth sharing to you guys! I love their hoodies. They scream "GEEK & AWESOMENESS"!