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Artist Spotlight – Azu-Chan (Azuzuu)

I've always been fond of magical series anime, but Card Captors will always have a special place for me.

During TwitchCon, we had some down time to browse through the Artist Alley. At a quick glance, I immediately saw a print of Card Captor Sakura. This one artist at the Artist Alley booths had the most amazing prints!

Gamer Spotlight – Paula Tacos

Our latest gamer spotlight is... Paula Tacos! I've been watching her streams for a while wanted to have her featured as a spotlight! I can't wait to see what games she will be creating in the future after she finishes up school & I can see Paula making a great impact on the gaming industry. gs-pt1

Check out the interview with Paula & be sure to give her a follow on Twitch!  

Gamer Spotlight – StenRose

For this weeks Gamer Spotlight, I'd love to introduce you to StenRose! She is a streamer I met through mutual friends on Twitch and she is awesome!


Check out her interview and if you get a chance, follow her on Twitch and stop by one of her streams! Her streams are awesome to catch & chat in!

Gamer Spotlight – GN4R

For this weeks gamer spotlight - Crazy & loud, avid social media user & Twitch streamer, I'd like to introduce you to GN4R! She gives great advice for anyone trying to get into the gaming industry. I love how down to earth &how she isn't afraid to express & be herself on stream.


Check out her interview!