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Batman v. Superman Sneak Peek – All A Dream?

This past week, a new sneak peek was released for the upcoming superhero film Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice, and of course the Internet went wild with rumors and interpretations almost immediately. The sneak peek was actually followed quickly by a new full trailer, but it's the brief scene in the teaser that still has everybody talking. Basically, we're all trying to figure out if it represents a dream sequence or actual events in the upcoming film.


Back To School… In Style!


It's about that time again. Let's all hop onto the Hogwarts Express for another round of school!

Upon browsing the interwebs, I saw some school related items worth sharing!

Etsy was my first go-to place to start off my school supplies search.

It's been awhile since I've had my own laptop - I use a computer. I'm actually having a laptop being built for my personal use so I started searching laptop decals to 'prettify' it.

I came across two laptop skins from Society6 that I am seriously having trouble picking one!

The university I attend is 30 minutes away from where I live so I started thinking about 'Where should I be storing my snacks? Lunch?!... I don't want to go hungry!'; I'm sure a lot of you will be on campus for numerous hours, so I did a lunchbox search! has great lunches from comic book heroes to other geeky icons.  I know has some awesome Doctor Who & Zombie ones!

Speaking of ThinkGeek, as a graphic/web designer, I need to constantly be saving files and I'll always be on the go transferring to different computers. I was thinking about getting the Tardis 4 port USB Hub ... Nothing wrong with having more USB ports! I can honestly say I have 2 USB flash drives, 1 External Hardrive and 1 portable external harddrive - I save everything!

Thinkgeek also has some StarWars MimoMicro USB Drives on sale right now! They have some great options of Yoda, Chewbacca and Darth Vader!

As an artist, I really enjoy busting out some pencils and start sketching out ideas/drawings. I found this terrific superhero pencil set on Etsy!

And lastly, for all you book lovers, ComicCrafts has great comicbook bookmarks in their shop! Hope you guys have a wonderful school year - I start my LAST semester EVER tomorrow! :) I'm already ready for December! Even when I'm finished with school I'm sure I will still be shopping around for all these geeky supplies.