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RTX Exclusive: Cosplay 2014

I had a great time looking at all the awesome cosplayers at RTX this past weekend. There was some really unique and original outfits at the event! We were able to get some cosplay footage, too.
I was able to make a short video of some of the cosplayers we came across. Check it out! :)

RIPT Apparel – Unpackaging video!

I recently ordered a t-shirt from RIPT Apparel, a website that sells nifty designs for 24 hours! One t-shirt caught my eye and I knew I had to order one!


I am in serious need of getting some new nerdy t-shirts. RIPTApparel has my back and always has these great designs that will eventually make my wallet dry out... But it's worth it! I've seen them have different designs ranging from Doctor Who to Sailormoon to Video Game icons.

Check out my unboxing/unpackaging video to see my new shirt, STAR POWER!

:D Use my link to check out! If you happen to buy a design off of RA, I'd love to know which shirt you purchased! :)