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Tuesday Finds – Ruskerville

I've been planning out my blog posts for the whole month. I started looking into some great Google Doc calendar templates and then started looking into planners I can carry around with me to jot down notes. tuesdayfinds-ruskerville01 Etsy is always my go-to place for looking for unique finds. I stumbled across Ruskerville who make some geeky-designed planners!

Tuesday Finds – Geektastic Hair Accessories

I've been changing my hair style recently and I've been looking into accessories I can wear. I found a gold mine of terrific hair accessories! Check out these unique, eclectic and awesome looking hair accessory finds. tuesdayfinds-hairtastic-mf-01tuesdayfinds-hairtastic-mf-02 Madam Fandom - "Retro love with 8bit style Party Favors, Jewelry, Keychains, Ornaments, Home Decor, & more! 100% handmade. Proudly MADE IN THE USA!" If you love wearing 8bit designed products, you'll love her shop.
  1.  I adore her Doctor Who Hair Bow collection! She has the 5th/4th/11th Doctor, Union Jack Bow & a Tardis Bow in her collection. They would make a perfect accent to an EveryDay Cosplay outfit or a little geeky-chic outfit being put together.
  2. FROZEN Hair Bows - After watching the movie, I can honestly say it's one of my favorite Disney movies. Madam Fandom has a cute set of Elsa/Anna hair bows in her shop.
Another reason why her shop is definitely a must-see will be due to her prices. So affordable = Buy more items! You seriously can't beat it! As stated in her shop information above, she makes other great items with a variety of characters ranging from Doctor Who to Supernatural to Star Wars & so much more!

My Favorite ‘Best Friend’ships

I just finished watching the last two episodes of Sherlock season 3. I was tempted to write this post right after I saw it. I was so in love with the very-obvious love and friendship Sherlock and Watson have together. It made me start to think about the friendships I admire in TV shows.

First up... JD and Turk from Scrubs.

I've been watching Scrubs since I was in high school *thanks to my boyfriend who got me hooked on the show*. The relationship between JD and Turk is so kooky, fun and straight-up "guy love" (click and watch the video!) in their words. Their relationship seriously makes watching the TV show more enjoyable. It's so funny and awesome! I still love watching Scrubs and I'll get happy whenever I see re-runs on TV. It'll always be one of my favorite shows! An oldie, but a goodie one.


In honor of their friendship/guy-love/bromance/Chocolate Bear & Vanilla Bear love/etc. I found some bracelets you and your best friend can wear, if you're a Scrubs fan.

Are you Sherlocked?

January 1st is just around the corner - A new year, the start of 'weight-loss' resolutions, and Sherlock will be back on the air!

I'm not sure what it is about Sherlock Holmes. He is just a fictional detective yet every story I've read or any movie based on him I tend to fall in love and get so intrigued! Maybe it's his cleverness? ... Or because they chose Benedict Cumberbatch as a great (and suave) Sherlock.

I'm excited for the show to come back! Are you Sherlocked, yet? Get Sherlocked!