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Review – SDCC Exclusive Warframe Excalibur statue UNBOXING!

productreview-excalibur It's been awhile since I've made an unboxing video. Here is my unboxing video for one of my exclusive SDCC statue I got while I was in San Diego.
Big shout out to Symbiote Studios for selling the Warframe statue AND the Warframe hoodie (which I didn't get to add in the video, but you can now buy at this link). As I mentioned before, I can't wait to go again next year! :D Thanks for watching! Be sure to like & subscribe to my YouTube channel to get alerts for my upcoming videos!

Comic Con Recap & Tips

So after coming back from the biggest comic-con I've ever attended, I decided to write down tips/advice to use later on. I'd love to share with you what I experienced and how to prepare myself better for another big convention! Feel free to advise me any other additional tips in the comments section :D
Transportation. This pertains mostly to the SDCC. So, we learned our lesson to explore more options of getting to the convetion. We did have a rental car, but due to insurance reasons we weren't ALL allowed to drive it. Therefore, we kept taking a taxi... Boy, did that drain our wallets! We discovered the trolley system while wanting to go back to the hotel for downtime. I highly recommend exploring options of transportation. The transit literally stopped on the same street our hotel was on and it was SO MUCH CHEAPER.

SDCC 2014: Sunday

Sunday Funday!... And also the last day of comic con :( I honestly feel sad about SDCC ending but I'm pretty sure my wallet is feeling a bit relieved now. I seriously wanted to buy everything because they were so many fantastic items there! Luckily, I was able to get a Sunday pass! So we decided to take our time on getting to the convention that day. As I was looking through the #SDCC & #Supernatural feed on Twitter, I was noticing that the Supernatural event wasn't packed out yet! When we arrived we were able to get seats inside Hall H :D It was my first time being in there - It's huge!

SDCC 2014: Saturday

San Diego Comic Con can really take a toll on you. We've felt nothing but exhaustiveness the past days being here - But in a good way! There is so much to do! We all woke up early enough to finally play the Borderlands laser tag over at the Nerd HQ. We still had an hour to kill before we played so I started checking out the cosplay parade!
They were passing out these really awesome looking Guardian Of The Galaxy posters, too! I'll be sure to show you guys in my video haul for SDCC :)