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RTX 2016 Weekend Recap

This year, RTX 2016 fell on July 1st-3rd in Austin, TX. The event brought in 60,000+ attendees and had many new additions to see at the convention! Especially mixing in SGC to the event this year!


I was able to talk to a lot of great companies but didn't focus on doing full on interviews this year. I really wanted to enjoy my experience at the same time of talking to some people in the industry.

RTX 2016 Panels

Because of time, I wasn't able to see as many panels as I would like this year at RTX. With my media badge, I was still able to connect and interact with people from the gaming industry which is something I love to do. recap-rtx02 I managed to attend two panels during the event. It amazed me that at each panel I attended, there was 3500+ attendees! It just shows you how big of a community RTX really is. The first panel I attended was the Achievement Hunter panel - I've been to their panel the past 2 years attending RTX... Never fails to make me laugh so hard! I love those guys! I wasn't at a good angle to record some footage but they did live stream the panel. The second panel I attended was "Million Dollars, But..." based on their segment on YouTube. Currently, it's one of my favorite segments they do since it can turn so ridiculous. I find myself always asking odd questions and get curious for other peoples reactions so this game really intrigues me.
Credit to: Skumarg for uploading the live footage on YouTube!
I ended my panel experience with meeting Burnie Burns and having him sign my Million Dollars, But... game I purchased earlier that day!
I hope posting the videos will also give you many reasons to laugh with all the great content they shared - Next year, I will be prepared to attend more panels! Thanks again for all the laughs during these RTX!