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E3 Games Recap

As much as I would've loved to attend E3 this year since they opened it up to the public, I was able to catch the big names via live streaming and all they had to offer/share. The one conference I was really looking forward to was the Xbox one. Being a consistent Xbox buyer/owner, I love to know the upcoming games I can potentially play with friends & for my stream. I'd love to share the games that caught my eye that I hope to eventually play once released!

Getting Into The Gaming Industry

So I'd like to share my [small] knowledge of working and getting involved in the gaming industry. It's very competitive to get into the industry - No doubt about that! I'm still trying to get my foot in and get closer as I can. Get A Gaming Degree - A major way to be guaranteed of having gaming work would be to go to school and get a gaming degree. Educate yourself with how to make video games, the design behind it and all the good works. It also doesn't hurt to know gaming history and how it evolved. Some will succeed and some will figure out they might not want to pursue it in the end - But getting a gaming degree is a great start for a long and successful path in the gaming industry.
gaming-degree [image source]
Degree's offered:
  • Game Visualization Programming Specialization
  • Game Art Specialization
  • Game Design Specialization
[source: Game Development Institute]