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How to Overcome Loss With Only Your Fists, a Butler, and Billions of Dollars: The Bruce Wayne Story

Meet Bruce Wayne: industrialist, billionaire owner of Wayne Enterprises, philanthropist, Gotham’s favorite son, playboy, orphan. His success is a heartwarming example of American enterprise and ingenuity. It’s the stuff of folklore, really—a life we can all look to and feel inspired.

Bruce Wayne Image Courtesy of Comic Vine

This is what I imagine most people picture when they think of Bruce Wayne. I mean, just look at how handsome and charming he is. He’s someone who overcomes a traumatic childhood and forgoes his own social advantages to fix the problems he sees in his own city. Surely, this character should be inspiring, right?

Breaking Bad Party Ideas!

For more inspiration, I have created another Pinterest board with more ideas for a party! breakingbadpartyideas

I'm so sad the series is going to be over, but I wouldn't see how it could continue on either way! All good things must come to an end... Now go cook some meth. Or better yet, just host your own Breaking Bad party!

Pacific Rim Review

First thing I want to do is start off saying 'Thank You' to Guillermo del Toro for having a female lead in the movie that isn't overally sexualized and over exposing. Mako, one of the main characters in the movie, was depicted in pure awesomeness.