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Review – EnderToys

This past weekend I went to the Classic Game Fest in Austin, Texas. While I was there I stumbled across a fantastic little booth called Ender Toys. cgf-endertoy2 I recently got into playing Minecraft so I was quickly drawn into checking out what this booth had to offer. The first question I had to ask was, "Do you have a Master Chief figure?" ... and received an awesome "Yes." response!

Halo – Master Chief Modular Motorcycle Helmet

The streets are about to look a little cooler. How would you like to feel like a badass world-saving-hero riding your motorcycle? Now you can have that experience! 650x-Helmet1

The final outcome is still in progress.

NECA will be releasing a Master Chief Modular Motorcycle helmet this July!

The Spotlight: The Big Adventures of Mini Chief!

Lately, I've been getting back into playing Halo. I was surfing some Halo related Facebook pages and stumbled across the coolest Halo/Master Chief cosplay I've ever seen! I present to you the Mini Chief!

Mini Chief and Cortana

I immediately contacted the owner of the Facebook page (who just so happens to be Mini Chiefs father) and expressed to them how much I enjoyed viewing their work.
" It originally started as a casual thing for friends, family and coworkers and now has taken off. " - Mini Chief's father