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4 Monthly Subscription Boxes for Geeks/Gamers

Do you enjoy monthly surprises in your mailbox? How about if it's filled with geeky surprises? Check out these monthly subscription boxes you can sign up for to get some fun and geeky swag.

Loot Crate


Loot Crate was my very first monthly geeky subscription. I L O V E them! It's $13.37 per month + S/H and each box is has an awesome surprise!

Customer service is excellent and they were really friendly and prompt to responding to my emails/comments. Plus, they are so involved with their fan community! They love to share your tweets, photos & videos. I give them 5 stars and lots of 1 Ups!

April Loot Crate – Tokens

My April LootCrate "Tokens" came in a few days ago. I've actually been subscribed to LootCrate since January and I've always thought about making an unboxing video... Well, I finally did that! Watch me unbox my Tokens crate! I'm hoping to continue on creating more unboxing videos for my future monthly crates :)

As a subscriber, I have been curious about the cost of all the items that come in the crate and if I really am saving money... So here are the items that came in the Tokens crate!

March Loot Crate – Cosmos

It's about that time of the month again - As in... Receiving my LootCrate for March! *Geez!* This month was the Cosmos crate and it came with some really spectacular items.

Loot Crate

I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who does this, but once I cut the tape from my box I will grab the first item without looking... Then, as I pulled out my first item, a wild Yoda appeared in my hand :) That's when I knew the box was going to be something great... *drum roll*... Star Wars!

February – ‘Doctor’ Loot Crate


Loot Crate is one of things that makes you smile when you get a package... The fun part about it is wondering what could be inside the crate. The bad part is waiting for the package to arrive, haha... Not to mention, they updated their loot crate packaging to some new sexy black ones that look really awesome! ;)