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Celebrating the Days of October

I was searching events and days that are happening during October. I came across a great list that tells you every holiday in the day of October. I picked out some of my favorites! October is such a great month - Did you know these days existed?


Since I just came across the list, I added the days that are coming up soon.

Dallas Comic Con 2013

You know how it feels when you look forward to something for months and save up then having no one to go with at the end since they didn't prepare themselves like you did? Well, my trip for Dallas Comic Con was looking VERY slim since I wouldn't find anybody with as much 'WANT' as I did for going. My boyfriend wasn't able to since he had just splurged on his all-time favorite band for a show they had in San Antonio a few nights ago and most of my friends worked the con weekend. I was feeling defeated until I saw a girl selling her ticket for an extremely cheap price - I took a chance and emailed her and ended up purchasing the ticket. At first I was thinking, "Ok, if I don't go, at least I didn't spend a lot of money on this ticket".

A Productive Friday & Pinballz

It's been a very productive day for me. I redesigned The Nerdy Girlie's blog, went to a meeting for work, and ended my night with celebrating one of my best friends birthday at Pinballz Arcade.

Yes! More reasons to love my friends - Sure, we do occasionally like to go out to a bar/club and drink with friends but we will definitely geek out and prefer to celebrate in an arcade!


Classic Game Fest 2013

Yesterday, a few friends and I checked out the Classic Game Fest, which is sponsored by Game Over Video Games, that was going on at the Palmer Events Center. It is a two day event but my friends and I could only attend day one of it since we work during the second day.