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VLOG – Day Out In ATX

It's Memorial Day weekend - Sunday is my only day off from stream. We decided to spend most of our day outside doing things!

Check out my latest vlog video!


PAX South 2017 – Vlog Day 1: UnholyGuach’s Arrival

Yesterday, one of our friends flew in from out of state to visit us during the PAX South weekend! This was our first time meeting him and also his first time visiting Texas - So I decided to make a vlog out of the arrival day. I'll also be doing more vlogs/videos for the rest of the weekend to share our PAX experience!


My parents and sister came to visit from out of town a few days ago! It was AWESOME having my whole family visiting. My parents never really sight-see when they come to visit so my sister and I decided to show them around the city. wimc-dec01

This flower was actually from my backyard back in my hometown. I took this picture during my Thanksgiving break :) It's so pretty!