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Tuesday Finds – feltpastel

Time for another Tuesday Finds! I'd love to share with you this adorable Etsy shop I found while browsing for Halloween gifts.

Felt Pastel has a nice little Etsy shop filled with handmade felt plushies, tie dye t-shirts & more geeky goodies!

Check out all their amazing felt plushies!

Steam Halloween Sale!

From October 28th - November 11th, Steam is having a Halloween sale on a bunch of spooky games!
The sale includes horror games, horror movies and Halloween updates/DLC. Sale prices range from almost 15%-80% off the original price! Check out some games I've picked up and recommend!

Top 10 Scariest Movies to Watch on Halloween-2016 edition

Do you like watching scary movies? By that, we don’t just mean trashy horror movies with blood and insides splashing all around, but also movies that bring you to the edge of your seat and the thought of them makes you uncomfortable every time you have to go to the bathroom at night. As you probably know, Halloween is the best and scariest day of the year to watch this kind of movies and the adrenaline you get from is definitely worth it. gp-scarymovies1 We’ll discuss top ten of the scariest movies that you should watch this Samhain (Hallows Eve) and it’s up to you to decide if you’re ready to expose yourself to so much terror and fright in the night when shadows roam free.

Halloween 2014

I'm a little late on this post but I'd love to share with you my 2014 Halloween experience. As you saw from my previous post, I announced I would be dressing up as a Gryffindor student (which I did, but not til later at night.) At work we were allowed to dress up and participate in a Halloween contest - I ended up going as an Attack on Titan slayer; Part of the Scout Regiment. I was happy to represent my 'wings of freedom'!

I was a titan slayer at work today. #AttackOnTitan #Scout #Halloween

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