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DIY Tutorial – Galaxy Christmas Ornaments

Yesterday was our community day on stream - I decided to give back to a few subscribers of the channel by hosting a 'Creative Sub-Ornament Stream'! Last year we gave away a few ornaments made out of perler beads. I wanted to change it up this year by using different materials to make some nice ornaments.

After searching for different ideas, I stumbled across this awesome DIY tutorial "Neon Swirl Ornament DIY" by ILoveToCreate! I've used their tutorial to get inspired to make our galaxy themed ornaments.

Gifts On A Budget

goab If you're like me, who constantly has to make sure they budget out their money, then you know it gets a little stressful around the holidays. I made a short list of any occasion gift ideas that can hopefully help you out if you're in a gift-dilemma.

DIY Tutorial – Glittered Pumpkins!

Yesterday was the first day of autumn! I've been inspired to decorate my apartment with more fall-items so I started browsing Target - Everything is always so pretty to look at there during the holidays! target-pumpkin I originally saw these pumpkins at Target and started thinking, "It would be crafty to use REAL pumpkins and have fun with some glitter!". This is where the magic of Pinterest kicks in. As I searched for glittered pumpkins, I found results of endless photos of enchanting looking pumpkins!

DIY Tutorial – Comic Book Picture Frame

New tutorial! I'll be showing you how to make some fun comic-book style picture frames for all your comic-con pictures/4x6 prints or whatever else you want to share!