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DIY Tutorial – Galaxy Christmas Ornaments

Yesterday was our community day on stream - I decided to give back to a few subscribers of the channel by hosting a 'Creative Sub-Ornament Stream'! Last year we gave away a few ornaments made out of perler beads. I wanted to change it up this year by using different materials to make some nice ornaments.

After searching for different ideas, I stumbled across this awesome DIY tutorial "Neon Swirl Ornament DIY" by ILoveToCreate! I've used their tutorial to get inspired to make our galaxy themed ornaments.

Gifts On A Budget

goab If you're like me, who constantly has to make sure they budget out their money, then you know it gets a little stressful around the holidays. I made a short list of any occasion gift ideas that can hopefully help you out if you're in a gift-dilemma.

DIY Tutorial – Fairytale Glowing Jars


DIY Tutorial – Making Stamps!

So it's been awhile since I've done a DIY tutorial!

I was browsing an arts and crafts store earlier and they had a bunch of stuff on clearance. I snagged a few items like foam sheets, wood block items and a few other things. I thought about making this tutorial for some making some DIY custom stamps!

Here is a video I made with all the steps for the tutorial!