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Saturday, December 2, 2017 | Posted in: The Spotlight

Artist Spotlight – Azu-Chan (Azuzuu)

I've always been fond of magical series anime, but Card Captors will always have a special place for me.

During TwitchCon, we had some down time to browse through the Artist Alley. At a quick glance, I immediately saw a print of Card Captor Sakura. This one artist at the Artist Alley booths had the most amazing prints!
Tuesday, February 2, 2016 | Posted in: Tuesday Finds

Tuesday Finds – LDC CardCaptors Collection

I'm a HUGE Card Captor Sakura fan! I think I'll always love that anime show forever - Living Dead Clothing has released a new Card Captors collection on their website ranging from skater dresses to skirts to leggings! Once I saw all the products they released, I seriously wanted to spend my whole paycheck on all their CCS items! Check out their new collection!
Monday, February 2, 2015 | Posted in: Gaming, Lori's Nook, Nerd Decor

My Battle Station Pt. 2

It's been a few months already since I've moved into this new apartment. I just wanted to share an updated post on my work/geek/play-space. If you remember my previous post, I had a different set up going on. I do miss that big pink chair. 5ff-items-06 It's not completely finished... I still need to hang a few posters & art prints on the walls around me - But for now, it's coming together!
Tuesday, April 1, 2014 | Posted in: Tuesday Finds

Tuesday Finds – Magical Girl Items & Zoey the Terrier

My boyfriend has been very helpful enough to find me all of the Sailor Moon / Card Captors series to watch online. I've been reliving my childhood the past few days... (**along with Supernatural!**)


I have a jean jacket that I obsessively wear. It currently has a few fandom buttons on it like Doctor Who, Green Arrow and the Walking Dead. I plan to add some iron on patches on it of other fandoms that have been created into patches. This leads me into my Tuesday Finds of finding some potential patches that I can use for my jacket.
Tuesday, February 4, 2014 | Posted in: Tuesday Finds

Tuesday Finds – SpreePicky ‘Kawaii’ Finds

I've come across a lot of 'cute' thing the past few days. This maybe a random collection - but I hope you find these items as enjoyable as I did! :)

SpreePicky is a shop founded in August of 2013. They provide the best cute fashion at a very low cost and providing you with a great shopping experience. As I landed onto their shop's page I instantly felt excited to explore all their merchandise. I'd like to share all their items that have made it to my wishlist <3 They are also known for selling cute outfits, accessories, wigs and more!

Calling all Sailor Moon and Mahou Shoujo fans!... Sailor Moon Transformation Bag!


[Read a product review at TransparentFawn]

Sunday, October 6, 2013 | Posted in: Geekery

Tattoos I’d Love To Have

Words can't express how many tattoos I would love to have. I have one on the side of my hip that I thought would be my only one - But I'm craving more! I just want to share the 'potential' tattoos I would definitely love to get sometime in the future. The reason I am holding off for now is because I am going to be searching for jobs after this December since I graduate. I live in Austin, TX and I know people here are very open minded for tattoos in the workplace; but I plan to branch out and I'm not too sure how many places would feel about that... I'm hoping in the end I'm doing freelancing as a business so I won't have to worry about tattoos being frowned upon at a company.

Onto sharing!... And I kid you not, I really want these! :3