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My BattleStation Pt. 3

Hey guys! I have FINALLY made a new video for my YouTube channel which isn't just an exported highlight from Twitch :) I recently changed up my workspace area so I made a short video on how it all turned out.
Yes, I know I've changed it up twice already (Past post 1 w/ specs, past post 2), but I swear it's going to stay like this for awhile! Thanks for watching, guys!

Tuesday Finds – The Level Grind

This past weekend I attended my first 10k marathon - The Austin Capital 10k. I've been wanting to have a better fitness lifestyle, even if it's just small work out routines. When I was looking into some fitness websites, I remembered a fantastic booth I had visited during HavenCon! One of the first booths I came across was The Level Grind. tuesdayfinds-thelevelgrind I was able to meet Philip, the founder of The Level Grind, who happened to be cosplaying as Handsome Jack from Borderlands! He is also a designer and is pursuing his own fitness journey as well. 

My Battle Station Pt. 2

It's been a few months already since I've moved into this new apartment. I just wanted to share an updated post on my work/geek/play-space. If you remember my previous post, I had a different set up going on. I do miss that big pink chair. 5ff-items-06 It's not completely finished... I still need to hang a few posters & art prints on the walls around me - But for now, it's coming together!

PAX South 2015

PAX South weekend was crazy fun! I left after work on Thursday to San Antonio and stayed with a good friend of mine. I can honestly say I got a good 12 hours of sleep all weekend - So much festivities during PAX. paxday1-01 I just want to share a few highlights during my trip. My body is still trying to recovering from all the walking around + lost of sleep + our after-PAX night festivities.