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Pokemon GO: VLOG 1

Pokemon GO has taken over! I remember looking at my news feed and how it was just bombarded with the new Pokemon GO app. I was tired and annoyed of it at first. Then, I noticed a bunch of my friends were having a good time with it. My boyfriend ended up getting the app too and we caught a few Pokemon together. Then I decided to download it myself... I got hooked fast! poke-vlogs-thumb My favorite part about having the app is just actually getting out of my apartment - I use to go running every now and then before Pokemon, but adding the Pokemon GO app does make running a little more fun. It does give me more of a drive to actually go outside. A few friends and I decided to go Pokemon hunting around downtown Austin, TX last night. I'd love to share with you my finds & experience!

Sour Punch takes over XGAMES Giveaway!

Austin, TX! The X Games will be here next weekend & Sour Punch Candy wants you to get there!xgames-giveawaysp
Check out the Sour Punch village at the X Games Austin 2016. Skate in the Sour Punch skate park, bounce through the Sour Punch obstacle course to get some cool prizes, and eat some Sour Punch candy!
  Be sure to enter in for your chance to win a 3 day weekend pass to the X-Games! Tweet it out for a chance to win a 3 day weekend pass! One lucky winner will be chosen!