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The Spotlight – StarSlay3r – Ciji!

It's about time for another Spotlight segment :) I'd love to introduce to you Ciji - aka StarSlay3r! I remember coming across her YouTube channel when I was searching for Guitar Hero videos and was in total awe at her skills! She is one hell of a gamer and I'd love to share this interview with her! Check it out!


Artist Spotlight – Chris Radsby / Ubisoft

I would love to introduce you to Christoffer Radsby, a 3D Environmental Artist at Ubisoft in Sweden, who will be kicking off our newest Artist Spotlight for the year :)! I'm very excited about this spotlight - It's great hearing Chris's story for his loving of gaming and what he does in the gaming industry!

GH: Can you tell me a little about yourself? How did you know you wanted to become an game artist?


CR: My name is Christoffer Radsby but most people call me Chris. I'm an 3D Environment Artist in the games industry but I'm currently working for Ubisoft.  I had humble beginnings really, I grew up in a happy home with a great family and lots of close friends, living the life that most nerds did, a life full of LAN-parties, dungeons & dragons, instruments and music.

Artist Spotlight – Ray Dillon

It's about that time again for another amazing Artist Spotlight here at Girl Hero!


I would like to present to you ... Comic book artist (Marvel, DC, IDW, Dark Horse & more!), artist for HBO's Game of Thrones, and husband of the lovely Renae De Liz!

The Spotlight: The Big Adventures of Mini Chief!

Lately, I've been getting back into playing Halo. I was surfing some Halo related Facebook pages and stumbled across the coolest Halo/Master Chief cosplay I've ever seen! I present to you the Mini Chief!

Mini Chief and Cortana

I immediately contacted the owner of the Facebook page (who just so happens to be Mini Chiefs father) and expressed to them how much I enjoyed viewing their work.
" It originally started as a casual thing for friends, family and coworkers and now has taken off. " - Mini Chief's father