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Happy October : TV Shows

This October is looking very promising when it comes to my favorite TV shows. So many great shows airing back and it feels good to look forward to a certain day of the week now. Here are some shows I'm watching:


SDCC 2014: Saturday

San Diego Comic Con can really take a toll on you. We've felt nothing but exhaustiveness the past days being here - But in a good way! There is so much to do! We all woke up early enough to finally play the Borderlands laser tag over at the Nerd HQ. We still had an hour to kill before we played so I started checking out the cosplay parade!
They were passing out these really awesome looking Guardian Of The Galaxy posters, too! I'll be sure to show you guys in my video haul for SDCC :)

SciFi Expo 2014 / Dallas Zoo

So last Friday, my boyfriend and I packed up our things and we set out to Dallas, Texas. We like to call it our "mini vacation", but we've had this planned for a few months now. It felt great to get out of Austin for the weekend since all we've been doing is working non-stop.

Arrow -tastic!

I'm so glad Arrow is back on the air!

arrowtastic The one month wait was killing me! I'm not familiar with how the comic series go, but I really love the show! I was planning on doing a review of tonights episode, but I didn't want to write about any spoilers. I did however go crazy on trying to find Green Arrow accessories and such so take a look at what I found!

I must buy all things Arrow!