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Tuesday Finds – Atomic Lace

I've mentioned before in a previous post how much of a sucker I am for earring studs! I love the way they look - Atomic Lace has a galore of adorable studs in their shop. tuesdayfinds-atomiclace01 After browsing through their awesome earrings section, I continued to look into all the other fun items they offer! The shop has everything from necklaces, earrings, rings, pins & so much more!

Geeky Flowers Decor

As a part time florist, I'm very intrigued with always having fresh new flowers on my table every week. Not only to have my dining area looking nice, but also because I love experimenting with new flower combinations! geekyflowers01 After a while, I started realizing how much I've been spending with jazzing up my dining area. I started looking into alternative ideas after looking at a few eclectic indie shops in downtown Austin. The ideas started flowing... I'd love to share with you a few alternative table decorations that would make any geek happy!