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Artist Spotlight – Ray Dillon

It's about that time again for another amazing Artist Spotlight here at Girl Hero!


I would like to present to you ... Comic book artist (Marvel, DC, IDW, Dark Horse & more!), artist for HBO's Game of Thrones, and husband of the lovely Renae De Liz!

The Spotlight: The Big Adventures of Mini Chief!

Lately, I've been getting back into playing Halo. I was surfing some Halo related Facebook pages and stumbled across the coolest Halo/Master Chief cosplay I've ever seen! I present to you the Mini Chief!

Mini Chief and Cortana

I immediately contacted the owner of the Facebook page (who just so happens to be Mini Chiefs father) and expressed to them how much I enjoyed viewing their work.
" It originally started as a casual thing for friends, family and coworkers and now has taken off. " - Mini Chief's father

The Spotlight – Raechel Spinnie

GirlHero.net was glad to present our first spotlight which was our Artist Spotlight on Ron Guyatt!

Now I have a new section known as the "GirlHero Spotlight". This section is dedicated to lovely geeks I have come across that show a great passion for what they do and how they embrace their fandom.

I would like to present to you our first GirlHero Spotlight, Raechel Spinnie - Cosplayer

The Spotlight – Tardis Blue Madness!


Doctor Who is almost back! How are you showing your pride and fandom? Wearing a bow-tie? Having a Doctor Who viewing party? Making Dalek shaped cookies? Or how about just painting your nails a Doctor Who related color?

When it comes to painting my nails, a shade of blue is already my first option to choose from. It's almost time for Doctor Who to come back on the air so I thought it would be awesome to rock our blue nail polish til the day it airs! As preparing for the day I declare all Whovian girls to paint their nails Tardis blue (or any shade of blue!)...