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Monday, March 20, 2017 | Posted in: Local Events

PAX East 2017 Recap

First 2017 out of state convention for us was PAX East! I still remember snagging some tickets right when they announced ticket release – Now it was the time for us to fly over to Boston!

This would be my second time attending this convention – If you remember last year, I ended up going to PAX East 2016 at the last minute by myself. This year, I’m glad I was able to enjoy the convention with my boyfriend.

Monday, January 30, 2017 | Posted in: Local Events

PAX South 2017 Recap

This year, PAX South went a little differently – Instead of going all 3 days, we decided to just go for Saturday.

We had a friend and knew a few other people who flew from out of state for this event. It still amazes me how people come together, meeting for the first time & build friendships/relationships through Twitch!

Friday, January 27, 2017 | Posted in: Local Events

PAX South 2017 – Vlog Day 1: UnholyGuach’s Arrival

Yesterday, one of our friends flew in from out of state to visit us during the PAX South weekend! This was our first time meeting him and also his first time visiting Texas – So I decided to make a vlog out of the arrival day.

I’ll also be doing more vlogs/videos for the rest of the weekend to share our PAX experience!

Monday, January 9, 2017 | Posted in: Local Events

Events of 2017

First post of 2017! This year, I’m driven to do a lot more traveling! Last year, I was able to do 4 events – PAX South, PAX East, RTX 2016 & TwitchCon. It was a good year for conventions.

I’d love to share with you the events I have lined up for this year!

  • January: PAX South 2017 – This convention is already 2 weeks away! It’s definitely smaller than the other PAX events but it’s nice to start the year off with it! Not to mention, January is my birthday month so I’ll able to spend some time with friends attending this event!
  • February: Twitch Texas Meet-up – This would be my first attendance to a Twitch Texas meet up! I could never go in the past because of my work schedule but now it’s pretty flexible for me to catch one.
  • March: PAX East & SXSW Gaming 2017 – Last year I did a spontaneous trip to Boston for PAX East. It was one of my favorite trips that I did alone – It was a very interesting experience! I’m happy to attend this year again. Every year, Austin holds a long week festival known as SXSW – I love attending the Gaming Expo they hold!
  • April: Dreamhack Austin 2017 – I had to miss out last year because of my job at the time – Definitely excited for this event this year!
  • May: Florida Bachelorette Party & Trip – One of my best friends is getting married so they are hosting a surprise bachelorette party — I love the fact that she doesn’t know about it and we’ll be surprising her when we arrive! If the trip ends up being to expensive for me to attend, I can always fall back on a New Found Glory concert this month.
  • June: Best Friends Wedding & Twitch Texas Meet-Up – The wedding will be at the beginning of the month! I’m excited to attend & see my best friend marry her best friend of 10 years. Twitch Texas will also be hosting another Austin meet up.
  • July: RTX 2017 & Warped Tour 2017– One of my favorite conventions to attend as press every year! Such an amazing community. I haven’t attend a Warped Tour since 2011 – It would be nice to check out a show again. Just like the old days…
  • August: No event. Save up money. Maybe plan a meet up?
  • September: PAX West 2017 – The dates haven’t been confirmed. I would love to go back to Seattle again! I feel in love with that city so fast.
  • October: TwitchCon 2017 – I’m going to assume this year TwitchCon will be around October because that’s when it was last year – Hands down, this was a great convention to goto last year. I LOVED seeing a bunch of people from the Twitch community.
  • November: No event. Save up money.
  • December: No event. Save up money.

This is going to be a very busy year if I’m able to attend a good amount of these events! The dream would be to go to all of them, of course! How’s your year looking? Hopefully I can bump into a few of you guys around these events!


Wednesday, December 28, 2016 | Posted in: Local Events

Trail of Lights 2016

Last Friday, we decided to check out the Trail of Lights here in Austin, Texas. The past times I’ve been to the Trail of Lights was to help volunteer and help out pass books to children.

This was one of my first years I could actually enjoy the event without working in it. Hope you enjoy my short video of the lights this year!

Wednesday, November 9, 2016 | Posted in: Gaming, Local Events

Extra Life 2016 at Microsoft Domain

This past weekend hundreds of gamers united together for an amazing charity known as Extra Life. This charity is based on playing games during a 24 hour marathon to help raise money for kids in childrens hospitals. “Play games, heal kids” – Extra Life’s motto.


I tried doing this charity twice before – This year we decided to help out a local gaming organization as they marathon-ed on November 5th for 24 hours at the Microsoft store located in the Domain/Austin, TX.

The total amount raised during the Extra Life weekend was $6,653,220 overall!

During the Microsoft event, they were able to raise around $2,990+ & currently still counting!

It’s amazing to see so many people getting involved with this charity – Such a good cause to help children get more chances and live a better life. It’s very rewarding to be a part of a great cause and I’m extremely proud of every person I know who attempted/succeeded with their 24 hour marathon.

Until next year, I look forward to looking into charities that are doing amazing things for communities.