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Saturday, December 5, 2015 | Posted in: Books & Comics, Movies & TV

Batman v. Superman Sneak Peek – All A Dream?

This past week, a new sneak peek was released for the upcoming superhero film Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice, and of course the Internet went wild with rumors and interpretations almost immediately. The sneak peek was actually followed quickly by a new full trailer, but it’s the brief scene in the teaser that still has everybody talking. Basically, we’re all trying to figure out if it represents a dream sequence or actual events in the upcoming film.


Wednesday, September 30, 2015 | Posted in: Books & Comics, Movies & TV


Avengers, assemble! Our good pals at BuyCostumes have created a fantastic infographic for any Avengers fan to enjoy.

Our Avengers infographic has the whole run-down of the comic series, along with a few facts about the Avengers you probably didn’t know. Keep on scrolling to check it out!


This was something I definitely wanted to share with you guys! Thanks again to BuyCostumes for sharing this great infographic! Be sure to check out their website for more fun geeky posts!

Which movie are you anticipating?

Monday, May 4, 2015 | Posted in: Books & Comics, Gaming, Giveaways, Movies & TV

HerStoryArc + GirlHero Summer Prize Pack Giveaway!

I’ve made the announcement on Twitter but haven’t fully made one on my blog yet – but HerStoryArc and I have officially partnered up! I’m extremely happy that we will be collaborating and showing support for each others blogs.


HerStoryArc is a great blog – Please take the time to visit if you haven’t already :) In honor of our partnership, we are hosting our very first giveaway together!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015 | Posted in: Books & Comics, Movies & TV, Nerd Decor

How to Overcome Loss With Only Your Fists, a Butler, and Billions of Dollars: The Bruce Wayne Story

Meet Bruce Wayne: industrialist, billionaire owner of Wayne Enterprises, philanthropist, Gotham’s favorite son, playboy, orphan. His success is a heartwarming example of American enterprise and ingenuity. It’s the stuff of folklore, really—a life we can all look to and feel inspired.

Bruce Wayne
Image Courtesy of Comic Vine

This is what I imagine most people picture when they think of Bruce Wayne. I mean, just look at how handsome and charming he is. He’s someone who overcomes a traumatic childhood and forgoes his own social advantages to fix the problems he sees in his own city. Surely, this character should be inspiring, right?

Thursday, April 16, 2015 | Posted in: Books & Comics, Gaming, Geekery

What would I tell my younger self about gaming today?

Recently, I am feeling pretty excited about the steps the gaming industry has made to transcend an all male demographic. This really shouldn’t come as any surprise, but there are still some people who are unable to understand why there is any reason for excitement at all. The attitude I most often encounter in open discussions about women in relation to gaming culture, as of late, is one of neutrality. More specifically, the notion that video game culture or nerd culture in and of itself is and always has been welcoming of women.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015 | Posted in: Books & Comics, Geekery, Giveaways, Tuesday Finds

Tuesday Finds – Geek Fire Labs

I love finding out about Austin based crafters! My last trip to Dragon’s Lair had me looking at all the local vendors creative items they sale.

I came across these geeky-cute lip balms. I grabbed one of the business cards and looked up their Etsy shop – They have SO MANY designs! Especially from our favorite fandoms like Doctor Who, comic book characters and so much more.