I’m a full-time video editor.

3 weeks ago I applied for a video editor position I saw for a YouTube company that does a lot of fitness, yoga and health content. I was really intrigued with the position because I enjoy doing yoga and just love doing video editing work too.

The next day I got an email saying they wanted to do an interview - that follow Monday I got hired on the spot. The next day I started my first day at the job.

I've only been working for 3 weeks and already so much has changed. My mentally for content creating has been more at ease... Most likely because I don't have to just rely on one income anymore & don't feel the burn-out most content creators will experience at times. I get to do two things I enjoy doing now - editing/expanding my knowledge in the video editing/production world & content to do content creation. I've also lowered how many days I stream and it's made things so much more enjoyable...

There's so much to blog about... this one was just dedicated in sharing the news of getting the new job! I'll be keeping you guys in the loop of my brand new camera + some traveling that will be happening in the fall :)

For now, everything feels balanced. It's exactly what I needed.