Thanksgiving 2018

This year we traveled to Dallas to spend Thanksgiving with my family. It was a nice 2 day vacation away from being on my PC & just refreshing to hang out with the whole family. Not to mention, I loved seeing Zoey, our family dog!

We stayed at a dog friendly AirBnB that had the cutest backyard & amazing fall trees. 

The Bishop District in Dallas, Texas is so adorable. It reminds me a little bit of some of the Austin areas and I can honestly see why it's an ideal area to live in.

My sister was excited to take us to this event that is apparently pretty popular in the Fort Worth area called the Fort Worth Stockyard. It was an amazing day out & lots of good food!

Honestly, I have a million more pictures I could still share from this event but this are probably my favorite from the bunch! Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday :)