Our community on Twitch loves our Minecraft sub server. It's their little spot in a big world that they can create as much as they want. Recently, we've been talking about making a new server - something public for more people to join. After talking with some incredible people in the Minecraft business, we officially have our own Pixelmon server!... Think Pokemon and Minecraft combined!

Our server currently runs on the 1.12.2 update and anyone is welcomed to join!

Server IP: Play.PokeNinjas.com

Discord Community Server: discord.gg/girlhero

GirlHero Pixelmon Shop: Click Here to View Official Shop

I encourage anyone who is a Pokemon/Minecraft fan to join in :) I'll also be creating some videos showing you guys what you can expect in our server. We will also be releasing new features and updates on the daily and weekly.

We recently announced our 2nd gym and will be adding the next generations throughout the weeks.

If you have any questions with installation, let me know or join our Discord and read all the info in our pixelmon-chat tab. We give you a breakdown on easy ways to download and run the game. I look forward to seeing you around :D