Trailer Food Tuesday – Austin, TX – 06.26.18

There's been lots of changes that have happened recently in my life - I'll get into that on another post. For now, I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with life things. My awesome boyfriend definitely knows the way to my heart... especially with food. We went to our first Trailer Food Tuesday here in Austin, Texas at The Long Center. There was lots of people - live music - and lots & lots of fooooooood!

One of our first meals we decided to try was a grilled cheese sandwich... I'm a sucker for muenster cheese so we got the "Play Date" sandwich at the SAVery Grilled Cheese food truck.

Honestly, one of the best feelings during summer is drinking a delicious lemonade with lots of ice! It went so well with the grilled cheese sandwich.

Just a quick picture of me and my boyfriend, waiting for our food. Our second round was a plate full of mini street tacos! Shredded chicken & beef barbacoa!

Lastly, we tried some ice cream tacos over at Taco Sweets! It was a very interesting combo called Peanut Butter Fingers; chocolate ice cream, butterfinger crumbles, honey roasted peanuts & reese's peanut butter syrup. Quick shout-out to HEB for hosting this awesome event. Seems like there will be a Trailer Food Tuesday event the next following weeks. I'm hoping we can take our puppy to one of the events. It was great to see so many people bringing their pets. I absolutely LOVED that HEB also gave away a small bag of dog food + a bandanna for every pup/dog that attended the event :) So much love to my boyfriend as well for taking me to this event to just relax and enjoy for the evening.
We're looking forward to attending another Trailer Food Tuesday event... We really hope next time we can take Taki (our new puppy!... which I still need to share on this blog)