Yesterday was our community day on stream - I decided to give back to a few subscribers of the channel by hosting a 'Creative Sub-Ornament Stream'! Last year we gave away a few ornaments made out of perler beads. I wanted to change it up this year by using different materials to make some nice ornaments.

After searching for different ideas, I stumbled across this awesome DIY tutorial "Neon Swirl Ornament DIY" by ILoveToCreate! I've used their tutorial to get inspired to make our galaxy themed ornaments.

The materials used to make the glitter ornaments:
  • Extra fine glitter; Purple, Emerald, Petal Pink, Aqua
  • Glitter glue; Opal
  • Clear rounded glass ornaments
  • Collage Pauge - Glossy
  • Small containers to drain glue & clean up supplies (paper towels + disinfectant wipes to clean any messes)
  • Check out my stream highlight of creating the first test ornament in my creative stream!

    Easy Steps

    • Coat the inside of the glass ornament with the collage pauge - Drain out glue & clean outside areas if needed.
    • Pour in choice(s) of colored glitter. Move the ornament around to make sure glitter is sticking throughout the ornament.
    • Extra options are to leave the ornament with no further decorations or use glitter glue to make decorations outside of the ornament.

    After experimenting around with the colors, I found that the green/purple/teal mix made one of the nicest blends - It turned out very earthy and I think we were all surprised how nice the colors blended together. You can view my whole 2hr creative stream here! I blended more colors together in the full stream :)

    I'll definitely be using this tutorial to create a galaxy-themed Christmas tree! I had a lot of fun creating these, minus all the glitter I'm still finding across my apartment. Thanks for watching!