It's been awhile since I've shared photos from my camera. I actually missed doing this segment because it would make me go out on finding new photos to show all of you.

I recently purchased a new wide lens for my Nikon and decided to take a few photos around the apartment today. There's just something so awesome seeing things in a different perspective! This lens has a nice macro setting & the wide angle has such nice detail.

I decided to change my keyboard color to glow a nice purple tone for some pre-Twitch Con hype! #bleedpurple

The sun was starting to set in our bedroom. As you can tell, it's a little chaotic to look at... But it's my favorite place to relax in and enjoy the warm sunset tones!

These last two photos are just trying to snap some good pictures of Rwby, our very vocal & sassy kitten.

It kind of looks like she is underwater in this photo!

This upcoming week will be Twitch Con in Long Beach, California so I'm hoping to take some nice photos for you guys to see from the trip! Have you been taking photos recently or have traveled somewhere? :) I'd love to see some photos/links to your blog post down below!