There's been a very popular game-mode recently known as Battle Royale - basically you want to be the last person standing. It's definitely very Hunger Games-esque!

I'd love to share the battle royale games I've been enjoying recently. If you're looking for some competitive & thrill-rushing fun, maybe these games would be great for you to try out!

Fortnite / Battle Royale mode

Fortnite just released it's new Battle Royale mode - They were originally known as an action building game and recently released their battle royale mode. The best thing about this battle royale mode? It's FREE for everyone to play on PC, Xbox and PlayStation! I recently made a video of trying out the BR mode, check it out! The game runs smoothly & all the graphics are very pleasant and fun. Since it is free to play, the only major downfall I can say is the many hackers who play it but the developers are taking full-on action to banning all of them out.

H1Z1: King of the Kill

H1Z1: King of the Kill was a BR game I use to grind all the time! The game has recently been updated and has changed so much from the first time I started playing it a few years back - Now there are Invitationals and Tournaments running for this game. In my opinion, I find this great to be more fun with friends since there are options to play the game in duos and 5 person squads. I'm also not the competitive type to grind for the highest ranks in their solo mode - Just a casual player.

There has been talk that this game will be released for consoles soon!

PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds

The BR game I'm currently addicted to is PUBG, short for Playerunknown Battlegrounds. This game released earlier this year and has gone off the charts! There are many people currently playing this game - It's a different pace than the other game modes I've mentioned, in the sense where it's not as fast-paced but still gives you anxiety-building towards the final fights. Not to mention, the game also has duo & squads modes which is great to play with friends. The community and the developers are great with assisting/responding back/listening to their players.

This game will also be available to console platforms soon!

If you haven't tried out these games before, I'd most likely suggestion starting with Fortnite since it is Free to Play. Grab a couple of your friends and take over the battle field with these BR games!